Sim Rules


First of all, thanks for visit us.
We are a city, on a moon orbiting around Saturn in our solar system, Enceladus.
The atmosphere is artificial so outside the town area, there is no air and the temperatures are extremely low…definitely not a place where to get a sun tan!
You will find places to have fun, to shop, play and much more.


– 1 Have fun!
– 2 Don’t rez objects around the city. If you want to rez something, always ask for permission from the admins. Even if the rez is open , doesn’t mean that you can use the sim like a sandbox. Remember, 3 warnings and you will lose the rights to rez objects and maybe even the rights to enter in the sim.
– 3 Do not grief the sim or other players. It is an immediate ban.
– 4 Don’t complain if there are not a lot of people around. World has timezones. This means that others are probably sleeping or are busy in their own RL business (like a job for example). Rather try to be positive, invite your friends online and do something together.
– 5 Don’t poach people , in group, IM or local chat. Come here to ask others if they want to go in another sim for an event, it’s rude. We are open to make accords with other sims for mutual promotion, but poaching will be considered griefing and you will be removed.
– 6 As the same, don’t post in the group events in sims that are not part of these accords. Ask always to the admins before you post, just to avoid issues.
– 7 You can stay here IC (in character) or OOC ( Out of Character). Whole sim is open to roleplay , so if you see someone that is roleplaying, be nice and don’t interrupt them. A good move is to IM them and ask to join the roleplay in act.
– 8 The sim is ADULT but moderated by the Admins. Sex in sim is generally not forbidden but limited to the private areas. (For example the rooms at The Orbit). However, we always recommend avoiding public areas so as not to disturb other visitors. Human avatars can’t be naked in public areas.
– 9 Avoid unnecessary drama. Especially about politics and or religion. Regarding politics, remember that other players probably are not in your country, and they are not interested in your political situation or religious faith. A civil conversation is a good thing, but insults and drama are not. Admins will evaluate a ban in case of these issues.
– 10 Last rule is like the first. We are all here to have fun, so leave negativity out of this place.

For other details, about the roleplay and the other parts of the sim, check the welcome area.

Thank you in advance!

For any info, contact:

Max Arkala (Maximillian Loon)

Hikari Archeron (Neige Ceres)