Arius Team

Name: Max Arkala

Secondlife Name: Maximillian Loon

Role: Founder and much more

Race: Canine (Various)

Age: 42

Pro: Fun, Social, Creative

Con: Moody, Can ban, bites a lot



Name: Hikari

Second Life Name: Neige Ceres

Role: Admin

Race: Cat (Mostly)

Age: Good question…with also a good answer, but not here, not now…

Pro: Social, creative, friendly, fun

Con: Can scratch and ban too…



Name: Seti Rabt (Rablet) 

Secondlife Name: SetiRabit Rayna

Role: Admin & DJ

Race: Lagomorph/Cryptid

Age: 32

Pro: Empathic, Healer, Open Minded

Con: Emotional, Vulnerable, Absent Minded



Name: Kody Black

Second Life Name: Kody Akiri

Role: Co-Owner

Race: Spectral Hound

Age: 25

Pro: Photography, Photo Editing, Community Centric

Con: Is dead, Can Bite, Can Ban



Name: Gisk

Second Life Name: Giskard Triellis

Role: Admin/DJ

Race: a Gisk

Age: π 

Pro: He is blue

Con: Can ban

Contact: not specified 


Name: Bill

Second Life Name: Billem

Role: Host

Race: Horse

Age: ω 

Pro: Friendly and fun

Con: Can kick hard

Contact: not specified