Be our partner!

Arius City is happy to have friends and partners!
If you want to be our partner, please read carefully below.

Arius City does not accept partnerships with sims or groups that:

  • They are based on/or use children’s avatars. Likewise with anyone who does ageplay.
  • Political/Anarchical/Religious groups of all kinds and ideologies.
  • Sims or groups with whom the partnership was previously denied or terminated for any reason.

Roleplay sims and groups

  • RPG groups or sims can apply to partner with us if they are not on the list above.

Stores and merchants

  • Stores and merchants, as well as creators, can request to be our partners, as long as they do not offer products that break the rules imposed by Linden Labs.

Clubs and Venues

  • At the moment, collaboration with other clubs is limited to the exchange of banners.


What means be our partners?

Each Arius city partner will be entitled to:

  • The ability to use our social channels (Twitter, Telegram, Discord) to advertise your products or events, even outside Arius city. As for the events, they must not overlap with ongoing events in Arius.
  • The ability to use our group in Second Life (ARIUS CITY) to send notices relating to events or promotions (limited to one per day).
  • Merchants will be able to have a free space in Arius and 50 prims to decorate it.
  • Other sims may have one or more banners in the main arrival area, which may include landmarks, notices and whatever is necessary.

At the same time we require:

  • Mutual promotion on social networks and groups of the sim / partner group.
  • Collaboration for common events between Arius and the sim / partner group.
  • Mutual banner exchange.
  • The mutual exchange of visitors is an essential point of the partnership. Our partners won’t have to complain if their users visit Arius. Likewise Arius undertakes not to hinder its residents or visitors in the exploration of sims or partner groups.


If you think you are interested in being our partner and joining those who already are, send an email to:

max @

or contact

Maximillian Loon (Max Arkala) in Second Life.