Do you wanna be a star? This is your chance! Join BAND-IT the first Original Band Contest of Arius City!

Create your own band, your character, your story and jump on the stage showing to the world your talent!



How it works?

And then?

  • You and your band members will be contacted by our staff. At that point your band will be scheduled for a live performance, interviews , photoshoots, videoclips and much more.
  • Every Friday , a band will be introduced publically and will be evaluated by a jury and public.
  • A final chart with the votes collected through live performances, social media, website, etc… will declare the winner of the contest.

So this is like a real life contest?

  • Exactly! Your band will be in the spotlight for the whole time. You are free to create gossips, scandals and whatever you think that would raise your popularity!
  • Use your creativity! The look, the attitude , the quality. Like in real life try to make your own character unique and intriguing.
  • You are free to use your own social profiles, or create one for the contest.

Ah, but wait. Do I need to play an instrument or sing?

  • No! If you don’t want, you don’t need. Each band will be asked to choose 3 real pieces of music, not necessarily from the same real band. Your band’s popularity will be built on these three songs, so choose carefully.
  • The stage performances will aim to show the audience the look, creativity and attitude of your band. The concerts will be studied in detail, the lights, the choreography. It’s up to your band to create the best show. But what matters most is what you do once you step off the stage. Consequently create your characters carefully and creatively

Can I play only in one band?

  • No, you can play also in a second band, but with a different character and preferably a different avatar look.

How much does it cost to register for the contest?

  • No financial contribution is required for registration. However, if you feel like it and if you have the chance, you can consider donating a small amount to the sim for the monthly cost. It will definitely be appreciated!

Ok good, so… there is a prize?

  • Your prize will be the glory!!! Ah… and 10.000 L$ to the winning band plus more prizes!

How long does the contest last?

  • The contest will end at the end of 2022. The winner will be announced during the Christmas holidays.

Until when can I register my band?

  • The deadline for registration is October 30, 2022

I am a creator/artist/merchant. I want to sponsor the event or a band!

  • If you want to sponsor the event (Banner on stage, videoclips, socials, website) just contact Gabriel (gabbepanda) or send an email to gabriel @ (remove the spaces after and before the @) You can also join our Discord server and request the merchant Tag in the welcome area.

For more informations , contact in world Max Arkala (Maximillian Loon) or send an email to max @ (remove the spaces after and before the @)
Band-it! is also on Discord! join now!

Band-it! is open to every second life player, even if not part of Arius city residents. The minimal age to join the contest is 18. Band-it! is Adult Moderated , no full nudity is admitted on the stage or explicit sexual actions. Adult language is admitted. The minimal amount of bands to have the contest running is 5, if not at least 5 bands will join the contest, the final prize will be reduced of 50%. Band-it! format is protected under Creative Commons license, any use of the brand without the explicit authorization of Arius city management will be reported.

Arius city management will be authorized to remove any individual or band from the contest for reasons it deems necessary, including but not only, for example:
Failure to comply with Adult moderate rules, griefing, racism, use of political messages, OOC personal offenses, OOC bullying and intimidation, cheating, sim poaching.
Any judgment of expulsion from the contest will be irrevocable.