Midsummer Photo Contest!

Take your time participate to get a chance to win the following event items:

Experiment 616 Mod – Stelio
Marakaia Mod – Pelaria
Anubis Mod – August
Blue merle Border Collie Mod – Fox Magic Casket
Burmilla Mod – Fox Magic Casket
Myst or Dust (Winner choosing) – The Cat Hat
AI Eyes – Eojid
Leather Collar – SnowAsh Creations
and more!

The requirements are:
1. Following @AriusCity twitter
2. Share this post
3. Make a small donation of 100 Lindens to the sim (donation boxes are all around the sim)
4. Tag @AriusCity in your twitter post with your SL name
5. Upload it to our discord at the channel “Sl-Photo”
6. The photo has to be taken in the Sim
7. It has to be of yourself or friends, multiple people in the photo counts as one submission