Merchants in Arius!

We are happy to announce that we have now these merchants available in town!

#Y!3SL – Furry mods

Arkala Curiosities – Furnitures and items.

Bave Apparel – Clothes and accessories

Brougham & Darkstone – Sci Fi uniforms and buildings.

Kat Klaws – Furry mods

Kytec Industries

MB3 – Sci fi furnitures

Phoenix weapons – Weapons

Process of Elimination P.0.E. – Sci fi clothes, furnitures , avatars and weapons.

River of Stars – Sci fi Furnitures & more

Takakura Industries – Sci-fi accessiories, furnitures, clothes and more

TexRMoon – Mods and accessories

Toxic X design – Gadgets and furry mods

Twinkle – Furry mods

Yin Yang Kittens – Furry mods

Vortech – Scifi gadgets


Markets are situated all around the city, come to visit and explore our streets, other merchants will join soon!

About this, are you interested to have a store here? Contact Max Arkala (Maximillian Loon) or Gabriel (Gabbepanda) in world, or send an email

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