Are you a DJ? We are waiting for you!

Do you want to be a DJ at THE ORBIT? These are the rules:

1 – If you play EDM music you will be accepted only if you mix your music live. You can use software like Virtual DJ , Serato, etc… a console or even only the computer, but the songs must be mixed LIVE. For other type of music, you can go with normal playlists.

2 – We accept every genre of EDM, from PSY to Hardcore, it’s not important what you play, it’s important that you play it professionally.

3 – The audio quality MUST be professional. 128 Kbs or less streams are not usually accepted, you must stream in stereo at least at 192Kbs or more with a sample rate of 44.1 Khz or 48 Khz. Music ripped from Youtube is generally in lower quality so it is better to avoid it. Speak with admins or managers if your internet line doesn’t permit you to broadcast at this quality, we can find a compromise.

4 – Don’t speak on microphone during your sets, we need Dj’s not vocalists!

5 – The set must be live, it’s not necessary that you accept requests , but we don’t want DJ’s that play a pre-recorded mix. Anyway, we are not that strict, if for a severe reason you can’t attempt a live mix, we could accept also a pre recorded one, but only for one time and for really severe reasons.

6 – If you want, you can become a resident DJ. This gives you some advantages. You will receive a shoutcast server with 100 users and 320 Kbs of band, for your own personal use. You can use it also in other clubs, it will be yours totally free.

7 – Resident DJ’s are also admins, they can set up schedules and events in the club, select hosts and have an active part on the Club managing.

8 – You can rez your own tipjar and collect your tips.

9 – Try to interact with the people in the club, show that you are here. We know that to mix is not easy , especially in real time, but we don’t ask a conversation, just few words every 15/20 mins.

10 – A set is usually 2 hours long, if you want to DJ less or more, you must communicate this to the admins a few hours before your set is scheduled.

11 – Be punctual. If your set is scheduled for example at 3 PM SLT, come here at least 20/15 mins before , set the club group as your active group (it’s mandatory to use the lights on console).

12 – Invite people to join the group and send a notice 15/30 mins before your set. Send also a notice in the middle of your set. If you are not able to do that, ask to one admin or host.


If you are interested, contact in world Maximillian Loon (Max Arkala) or send an email